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Radiant Living – Connecting Hearts

Radiant Living, is a group of Holistic practitioners and TEACHERS with a combined wealth of talent providing you with a full range of group and individual experiences, which include journaling, meditation, drumming, holistic lectures, toning with Tibetan bowls, intuitive and spiritual development, NewAge courses, massage, energy bodywork, spiritual coaching, bio-feedback and numerous New Age courses […]

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Welcome to Radiant Living

Radiant Living is a group of holistic practitioners who offer individual sessions, classes and workshops in Oklahoma City using various modalities, coming together to provide opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. Because of my training and experience in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing I have come to truly believe each person has the wisdom […]

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Follow Your Heart’s Song

 Follow Your Heart’s Song Living an Undefended Soul Infused Life “An inner voice tells you that there is much more to your life and yourself than you are capable of experiencing at the present moment.” Pathwork Lecture 204. “What is the Path?” from the book “The Undefended Self-Living the Pathwork” by Susan Thesenga, Based on material […]

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