Radiant Living – Connecting Hearts

Radiant Living, is a group of Holistic practitioners and TEACHERS with a combined wealth of talent providing you with a full range of group and individual experiences, which include journaling, meditation, drumming, holistic lectures, toning with Tibetan bowls, intuitive and spiritual development, NewAge courses, massage, energy bodywork, spiritual coaching, bio-feedback and numerous New Age courses with gifted instructors. We are about “learning to dance in the rain, instead of waiting for the rain to stop”. If you are searching for an effective way to connect with your soul and live a healthier, more fully alive life, opportunities await you at Radiant Living. You can rest assure that when you leave, you will exhibit a feeling of renewed vitality, spiritual growth and a new sense of purpose about life. Learn more about the our classes, opportunities available and our events calendar by visiting us online at http://radiantlivingok.com/. Visit our profile page to learn more!https://my.datasphere.com/biz/radiant…

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