Welcome to Radiant Living Center

A place to find joy and wellness in body, mind and spirit as we communion with others.

We are a heart centered non-profit organization offering opportunities for personal growth and empowerment in health and wellness of body mind and spirit, through classes,  workshops, individual skilled practitioners and our Coming Together Community Partnership Program. 


  • Innovative and creative opportunities
  • Classes and workshops
  • Events and individual therapy


  • Personal growth
  • Personal empowerment
  • Find you own path and uniqueness


We are Coming Together as Partners to create a Community that will produce an energy field that supports each individual in finding his or her own unique path. We provide many opportunities for individuals to follow as they search for their own truth. By coming together and uniting our energies we help heal and raise the consciousness of all who are willing. 

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For other presenters and practitioners please find their individual contact info on their profile pages by clicking here to contact them directly.

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