Learn about what Radiant Living has to offer by listening to this Natural Awakenings Podcast With Joious Melodi

The second podcast is more about Joious Melodi and the development of Radiant Living.

Radiant Living Center

                          A  center for body, mind, and spirit offering opportunities for personal growth and empowerment!!!


We are responsible, motivating expert’s offering innovative and creative opportunities for connectedness to others and the greater good.



VISION:  We joyously celebrate a happy healthy world where each person follows his/her hearts longing and passions.


MISSION:  Together we create an energy field that supports each unique individual in finding his /her own path and uniqueness.


PURPOSE: To provide a center to develop and conduct opportunities for personal growth and empowerment in holistic health and wellness of  body, mind, and spirit, through offering classes, workshops, events and individual therapy. 



We are Joyful open Hearts connecting to Others and the Greater Good 




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