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Atlas Activations with Michael Hane

November 6, 2022 @ 9:00 am - November 8, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

MICHAEL HANE is COMING BACK TO OKC , November 6-8,2022

Many of you have experienced his work and will want toreschedule, but if not, please check out his website for more information https://www.michaelhane.org/atlas-activation-protocol and the Gaia Channel.

“Michael Hane is one of only a few practitioners in the USAwho is able to ‘install’ the Atlas in a one-time procedure that isnon-medicinal and requires no diagnosis.” GAIA


 You can contact himat: info@michalehane.org or760-808-0359


Atlas Activation with Michael Hane

What is it?

The Atlas vertebrae is the keystone of thespine that governs whole body balance and is necessary for proper neuromuscularfunctioning and structural alignment. Instability in this area is a majorsource of chronic tension and stress, creating patterns of compensation anddegeneration.

 Atlas Activation is a deep sub-occipitalneck release that addresses chronic tension around the base of the skull andrestores balance to the vital Atlas/Occipital joint at the top of the spine.This foundational shift is administered in one session, with options for followup care. This is not a chiropractic adjustment. We simply target the musclesthat stabilize the joint which in turn activates a release and signal to thebody to initiate a self-healing process to establish body balance.

 The benefits can be instant: increasedneck and hip mobility, release of pressure and pain in the body, feeling ofease, lightness and euphoria. Then, more profound effects can activate:increased balance, strength, focus, clarity and peace.

 He has years of experience with clients in chronic pain,and is an expert bodyworker, authentically integrating massage with energeticbodywork, while creating his unique system of supporting and elevating thewhole being.

Michael Hane’s Atlas Activation Technique andTestimony,

Imagine that most of us are living with a chronic weaknessin one of the most important joints in the body.  A joint that has the immense responsibilityof supporting the head and directing the weight evenly down the spine.  A joint that directly affects and mirrors thesacrum, hips and base of spine.  This isa joint that surrounds the brainstem and other vital nerve tracts, namely theVagus nerve, responsible for a variety of function throughout the body,including fight or flight, heart rate, rest and relaxation, digestion andsocial engagement.  If there is one areain the body that needs to be fully balanced and storing, it’s the joint belowthe base of the skull, known as the atlas/occipital or A/O joint.  One can not experience body balance withoutit’s stability and strength. 

For those that are looking for a new opportunity to addresschronic pain, structural balance and neurological stress, I will be providingthe Atlas Activation healing. The Activation is a wholistic and vital shift toan old pattern of lifelong structural and muscular compensation.  In most cases, this restoration andreconnection of the vital atlas/occipital joint, needs only oneapplication.  This is not an adjustmentor chiropractic manipulation, rather an Event, a moment in one’s life where alifelong pattern is released and balanced. We will create space and open up years of tightness and pressure. 


The body can finally begin to unwind the compensation thatkeeps us limited, stuck and in pain. Rediscover a more natural way of being in the world!




Hi Michael,

Wow. Your work is incredible. I am great. For as long as Ican remember, I carried much more weight on my right foot and was told manytimes it was due to a leg length discrepancy. Plus, I always felt my feet werehovering on the floor trying to find balance rather than grounded into them.Now I am bearing even weight through both legs and I feel secure with mycontact with the floor and grounded into it in a way I never have.

Also, my neck range of motion has increased dramatically andmy neck feels free and like it is moving properly – not getting hung up on thelift side with limited ROM to the right like before.

My sacrum and sacroiliac have been stable and have not goneout at all, which is a chronic issue I’ve had.

I feel clarity in my mind and entire being and am able toaccess a meditative state without any struggle now. My nervous system now knowsits resting place which is a very peaceful space. My sleep has been wonderful.I just feel great overall – alert

and peaceful with good energy.

Geoffrey says he is feeling better in his overall being too.His hip pain from his fall off the snowmobile is completely gone.

This is a game changer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Maya D.C.


November 6, 2022 @ 9:00 am
November 8, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Radiant Living Center, 6051 N Brookline Ave #126, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA
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