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Awaken Your Inner Channels

March 16 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

We all have energy pathways locked deep inside. They work when they HAVE to, trying to keep use safe. What would it be like if you had a deep connection with them? If they were humming and working together with you, every second of every minute of every day. Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), like Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners know the meridians of the body. We utilize acupressure point on the meridians to Awaken Your Inner Channels, developing a deep cooperative relationship with our bodies. These channels ground us, they bring peace to our bodies, draining energetic backup that causes stress, anxiety, fidgeting, obsessive thought, and so many more examples of imbalance in our bodies, unique to each individual. In many cases, we do not realize the daily tension we have learned to live with. We accept it as "normal," but we shouldn't. The exercises we will learn in this class help you tap into, reset, drain, and connect with your meridians and other energy systems of your body. People enjoy yoga classes to "work out" together and have the structure of a self help routine. It's a fun, supportive environment. People need the same supportive environment but designed to handle the energy exposure and changes our bodies are going through. So, I realized it would be beneficial to do an Eden Energy Medicine Class to fill this need. THIS CLASS IS FOR ADULTS, TEENS, AND KIDS! Depending on those that sign-up, we may set up separate sessions for different age groups.There is a joint focus to this class. We will have a sharing aspect to this class, as well as EEM exercises AND have a sharing, safe-space time. We all are going through so much: energy exposure, dietary issues, unique body sensations, and much more. Individuals and families have a lot to deal with, and we need a dedicated time where we can help support each other in these accelerated times. Everyone MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE TO ATTTEND THE EVENT! Email me, contact me through my website, or Facebook page/Facebook Messenger message me to sign-up.
Cost: Free, asking for $5 donation to cover the cost of the room.


March 16
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
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