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Book Club with Joy ~ Warrior Goddess Training

April 14 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

The Book: Warrior Goddess Training

In Warrior Goddess Training, bestselling author Heather Ash Amara provides the antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough. Direct, honest, and unapologetic, Amara will show you how to release the layers of expectations to finally see yourself for the authentic, perceptive, perfect woman you really are.

If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, then it is time for an inner revolution.

It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.

Drawing on the wisdom from Buddhism, Toltec wisdom, and ancient Earth-based goddess spirituality, the Warrior Goddess path includes personal stories, rituals, and exercises that will encourage and inspire you to become the true warrior goddess you are meant to be.

Where to find the book:
– Most libraries will have a copy
– Amazon or other bookstores: https://a.co/d/ee8fXNO
Session 1 March 24: Intro + Chapters 1-3 about Committing to yourself, Aligning with life, and purifying your vessel
Session 2 April 14: Chapters 4-7 about Grounding your being, energizing your sexuality & creativity, claiming your strength, and opening your heart
Session 3 May 19: Chapters 8-10 about Speaking your truth, embodying your wisdom, and choosing YOUR path!

Cost: Donations Accepted to support the space

Unlike most book clubs that rush through the book in a month, our aim is to experience our books at a slower pace and really dive into the spiritual insights that are presented in the book. We’ll of course also be sharing our own experiences, looking at our cultural/societal programming, and even have time for meditation and/or journaling to bring the topics alive! It’s one thing to simply read a book, it’s another to begin to practice and embody what it’s teaching.
Please feel free to bring your own questions, favorite quotes, or anything else that spoke to you from the book. If you haven’t read the chapter or don’t finish, we still encourage you to come and join in the discussion.

Joy Schulz is an Intuitive Life Coach and when she’s not guzzling coffee and studying, she’s mentoring badass women who have been buried alive in their lives to decondition from all the “shoulds” and come home to truly are at their authentic core. Working together with her clients, Joy supports them as they gain the awareness and tools to make the radical, holistic changes that will unearth their inner joy and help them create their dream life.

Having grown up and been heavily programmed into the cult of fundamental Christianity, Joy has spent the last 10+ years exploring the path of dismantling the binaries for herself and creating her dream life! As such, her life looks and feels nothing like the small, fearful one everyone told her she “should” live. Now she’s on a mission to help everyone else create their dream life and feel the insane levels of joy and peace it can bring.

Radical Joyfulness Mentoring
Website: https://www.radicaljoyfulness.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radicaljoyfulness/
Book a Free Coffee Chat: https://tidycal.com/radicaljoyfulness/coffee
YouTube: https://bit.ly/3ocdVEI (or search Radical Joyfulness)


April 14
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
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