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Kundalini Yoga: Awaken the 10 bodies

August 1 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

In Kundalini Yoga, the concept of the “Ten Bodies” refers to a holistic understanding of human existence beyond the physical body. These bodies interconnect, affecting how you perceive and interact with the world. Strengthening them enhances your experience of life and others.
This offering is designed as a 5-week immersive; however, individual drop-ins classes are welcome if you are unable to commit to the full immersion.
In this 5-week immersive experience, we’ll explore these ten bodies.
1. Soul Body: Your eternal essence, the soul, remains throughout lifetimes. Unlike the physical body, the soul never dies, but remains throughout your life and in lifetimes to come.
2. Negative Mind: This discerning aspect helps you avoid danger. When balanced, it’s practical; when imbalanced, it can lead to pessimism or fear.
3. Positive Mind: The positive mind is inspirational and uplifting when balanced, but when out of balance, it can be equally dangerous as you can become reckless, unprepared, gullible, or easily persuaded.
4. Neutral Mind: The Neutral Mind listens to the intellectual input from both the Negative Mind and the Positive Mind and then leads you to the best decision, using unbiased intuitive knowledge.
5. Physical Body: The vessel for human experience, crafted so you could enjoy a human life. It is the balance point between heaven and earth. The key to perfecting this body is balance. Balance in body and mind, balance in diet and exercise, balance in play, work, and rest.
6. Arc Line: An energy arc from ear tip to ear tip, often called your “halo.” This spiritual body projects who you are to other people without a word being spoken. It also protects you from negative energy directed towards you.
7. Auric Body: An electromagnetic sphere around your physical body, extending up to nine feet. You may recognize this body when you feel someone else’s presence in the room, or get a sense of their energy. This body protects the physical body and can manifest into different colors. This electromagnetic field of others can also impact us.
8. Pranic Body: The Pranic Body is what controls the breath and takes in prana, the life force energy of the Universe. The Pranic Body gives you energy, courage, control over your mind, and healing power. When you breathe, you are feeding your Pranic Body. As you practice pranayam, you’ll experience the expansion and strength of this body.
9. Subtle Body: The Subtle Body gives you the opportunity to understand and master the subtlety of life. It can help you understand what is going on around you and how things work. Those people who can tune into situations easily or pick up new skills as if by magic, have developed the Subtle Body.
10. Radiant Body: The 10th body gives you spiritual royalty and radiance. Those with a strong Radiant Body have a lot of charisma and tend to shine. A strong Radiant Body will make you courageous in the face of any and every obstacle. Good things are drawn to you through a developed and powerful Radiant Body.
Each week we’ll learn about 2 bodies as well as an experiential practice designed specifically for the relevant bodies designated for that class. The schedule is as follows:
Thursday July 4th, 2024 @6:30-8pm
* Soul Body
* Negative Mind
Thursday July 11th, 2024 @6:30-8pm
* Physical Body
* Positive Mind
Thursday July 18, 2024 @6:30-8pm
* Auric Body
* Neutral Mind
Thursday July 25, 2024 @6:30-8pm
* Pranic Body
* Arcline
Thursday August 1, 2024 @6:30-8pm
* Radiant Body
* Subtle Body
$150 energy exchange for full 5-week intensive OR $35 for individual class drop-in.
Text 580.504.4065 for questions and registration.
Kelsey Elledge is a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master, sound healing facilitator and certified kundalini yoga instructor. She helps remind others of their own light by sharing practical tools, techniques and resources for self-empowerment. Her services include a mix of energy healing techniques, kundalini kriyas as a prescriptive form of yoga and sound vibrational therapy. Her transformative offerings are highly personalized to help individuals find equilibrium in the energy body, restore balance and consciously navigate toward a life of ease. Connect with Kelsey on Facebook at “Kelsey Elledge” or on Instagram at “@soulfully_sound.”


August 1
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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