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REBIRTH- Kundalini & Sound Bath

April 29 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

It’sthat time of year when the dead stuff is recycled as compost to create lifeanew.  As above, so below as the saying goes.  We’ll be working withthis theme to release anything that’s no longer welcome (thoughts, behaviors,feelings, people, situations and things) and invite in the energy of new,expansive experiences that will leave you feeling renewed. 

 Through theuse of breathwork, mantras and movement in the tradition of kundalini yoga ledby Kelsey Elledge, we’ll acknowledge anything still lingering that needs to goand release it in love, then cultivate a sense of self-renewal.  Afterreleasing and renewing, we’ll be relaxing with a sound bath immersion led byTosha Andres. 

Duringthe kundalini activation and sound healing immersion, we will engage in variouspractices and end with lying comfortably on the floor to soak in thesound.  The use of specific sound frequencies, such as singing bowls andgongs, will be used to enhance the experience. The goal of the immersion is tocreate a deeply transformative and healing experience, allowing you to connectwith their inner self. 

Energyexchange is $25.  Space is limited to 10 people.  Text 405.606.5209to register.


-Refrainfrom eating at least  hours prior to the event start time


-Bringany items that enhance your comfort: ear plugs, water, cushions, etc. 

-Yogamats, pillows and blankets will be provided

-Comewith an open mind

*Benefitsof Kundalini:

-Releasesstress and tension

-Improvescognitive function

-Strengthensall bodily systems

-Clearout old patterns and blocks

-Canboost energy, self confidence and self perception

-Increasedability to regulate emotions

-Potentialincrease of empathy, intuition, compassion or other high vibrational emotions


*Benefitsof Sound Immersions:

-Relievesstress and anxiety 

-Actsas a meditative experience to find peace of mind

-Allowsfor deep states of relaxation

 –Improvedsleep quality

 –Potentialdecrease of anxiety and pain relief

-Balanceenergy centers (chakras) and meridians

 Aboutthe facilitators: 

Toshais a certified sound therapist and guided meditation facilitator.  Afteryears of working in the medical field treating sick patients, she realized thepower of sound and vibration can be used as preventive medicine.  She usesmany instruments to attune and positively impact the body.


KelseyElledge is a certified teacher in kundalini yoga, a usui/holy fire reikipractitioner and sound healing facilitator.  She developed a love for thepowerful practice of kundalini almost three years ago and her life continues totransform for the better ever since.  She recognizes her sacred role as alightworker and helps to remind others how to embrace their own light bysharing tools and resources to shine




April 29
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Radiant Living Center, 6051 N Brookline, suite 126, OKC
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