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Shamanic Healing with Virginia Underwood

August 21, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This is an 8 week class facilitated by Virginia Underwood. Contact her to register and for more information at healing@eighth-chakra.com or 707-209-6812

It’s time to take a Healing Journey Within. Deep into your inner world. 


It’s time to discover who you truly are andopen up to the incredible gifts and talents that you have been given. And, it’stime to realize how you have already overcome tremendous challenges that have -and will continue to be – transformed into your greatest gifts. 


This is deep inner work, the Hero’s Journey, and we willembark upon it together. 


We cannot do the work for each other,but we can link, arm in arm together, and hold space for each other as WE ALL RISE.


During these 8 weeks of your self-empoweringjourney, you’ll discover:

·     How toconsciously partner with your higher self to assist you in living from a highervibrational frequency. We’ll begin unlocking new opportunities andpossibilities for your life.

·     Where tomeet the incredibly loving Beings who are supporting you from differentdimensions, including loved ones who’ve passed, your Spirit Guides, AscendedMasters, Angels, and others. 

·     More ofthe plan that your soul has laid out for you in this lifetime and how to alignwith the higher vibrational paths that are now available to you.

·     How tounearth great reserves of strength while discovering how to ride the waves oflife instead of getting tossed around in the ups and downs. 

·     Your bestway to get back in touch with the essence of your life and remember the sheerjoy of creating with life again.

·     How toidentify and clear blocks, as well as discover ways you are sabotagingyourself, in order to quantum leap your path.

·     Why thereare no such things as mistakes in life and how these so-called “failures” canuncover the guidance these experiences are meant to show you.

·     How YOUtap into the deep well of Divine Wisdom and the ways YOU trust your intuitionand gut feelings.

·     Howfrequencies create our reality and how to use different frequencies to heal andactivate our DNA.


Join Virginia Underwood, M.Ed.asshe leads you on a journey back to yourself. You can find out more aboutVirginia at https://www.eighth-chakra.com/meet-the-team 


********SPACE IS LIMITED! There is only space for 8 participantsand only those who register at 

https://www.eighth-chakra.com/healing-with-inner-child-light-family will beadmitted.********

Once you register, you will receive further instructions, aswell as the calendar and link for our additional online journeys. Please emailVirginia at healing@eighth-chakra.com forquestions or more information. 

 Energy Exchange $275


August 21, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Radiant Living Center, 6051 N Brookline, suite 126, OKC
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