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White Rabbit Breathwork

April 11, 2025 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

This breath technique is simple to learn on the first attempt and has powerful effects that are easily obtainable. No practice or perfecting the technique is required to reach the ecstatic energy available with this breath. We guide and coach you along the way and most find it simple yet potent and do not expect the intensity that is experienced . Our mission is to share this gift to all that are called to it . 

The ability of this breath to move stuck energy and bring in new energy is rapid and transformational . We are experienced and trained Breath facilitators, ensuring your experience is safe and profound . Most common reported effects are heightened awareness , vibration sensation throughout the body , visions , bliss , deep relaxation, euphoria, lifted mood. The effects of this breath do not end once the session is over . Most report continued heightened awareness in the following days and weeks . 

This technique also triggers the internal pharmacy in our bodies to produce its own healing medicine unique to the individual. Common reports are increased energy , lifted mood , decreased pain, reduced anxiety , lower heart rate and blood pressure. Each outcome is unique to the individual and the body’s ability to move toward healing on its own . (Holotropic) 

 Energy carried in the body can become stuck but with the power of this breath you can begin to shine a light of awareness on these energies and begin to clear them. 

 Breathwork, also known as Pranayama is the yogic practice of focusing on breath and is an ancient practice of breath which translates from the Sanskrit word as Prana (Life Force) ayama (expansion/extension). Breath is life, and not only sustains consciousness but guides and directs the vital force through certain channels in the body which starts to ease dis-ease in the body, promoting balance and harmony in the mind, body and soul. 

 Ceremonial breathwork is centered around ceremony and utilizes shamanic practices from around the world allowing for gentle, yet powerful healing on ALL planes of existence. Your breathwork facilitator opens the space with a directional invocation and utilizes the burning of sacred incense and woods assisting in energy clearing as well as the use of sacred oils. Your facilitator is trained in space holding and the utilization of acupressure points as needed in the session. The unique Ceremony breath technique allows for hyper oxygenation of the physical body unlike other techniques allowing one to reach profound states of consciousness. There is a reason that nearly all religious text speak about the sacred power of the breath.  

Cost: $30 
Register at: https://whiterabbitcollective.as.me/groupbreathwork

Justin is a trained Ceremonial Breathwork leader, Sacred Medicine Journey Guide and has been a Registered Nurse for over 14 years. Justin has been trained and certified through The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness of Boulder, CO in Conscious Cannabis Medicine work. In this program, he has received training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guiding. Justin received Ceremonial Breathwork training through Breathwork Worldwide.

Justin is committed to sharing the Medicine of conscious breath fused with plant Medicines in a ceremonial setting so that each individual can experience their own unfolding unique to their journey, unveiling and reuniting them with their true, higher self so that we may move into the realm of boundless, limitless expansion. Justin is committed to setting and holding a pure and Sacred space to support each individual who finds themself on the journey of Self-discovery and inner exploration.

Sessions with Justin emphasize focused, conscious breath technique which reunite the soul and body through alternate states of consciousness. Focused utilization of Pranayama, Plant Medicines, Psycholytic technique and space holding are emphasized so that each individual may have their own alchemical unfolding unique to their individual journey. 

Justin was called to the healing power of breath and plant medicines through his own life changing and healing experiences and believes these time tested healing modalities should be shared far and wide so that each persons sovereign thought and healing power may be returned back to them. He is Founder of White Rabbit Collective, LLC.White Rabbit Collective, LLC.


April 11, 2025
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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