I am licensed massage therapist trained in multiple modalities to give you an integrated experience that will not only relax your nervous system but will relieve your pain through intuitive massage, joint mobilizing techniques and stretching. I see the body as one unit and stress/pain/discomfort as a signal to help figure out where the imbalance lies. By addressing these things in the body, I will work with your specific needs to give you the experience you desire.  I have multiple additional offerings including hot stone therapy, cupping (using silicone cups, no heat), and as well an option to have an internal dose of organically sourced CBD/CBG to help bring your nervous system back to homeostasis and into a parasympathetic state of healing and relaxation. I look forward to meeting you and being of service on your healing journey

Schedule a Appointment:  https://booking.appointy.com/en-US/intuitivemassage/bookings/service

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