Cecilia Tolley has channeled the healing power of Light & Love for half a century.
She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner; attuned Reiki Master / Instructor;
Ordained for Ministry and Endorsed as Chaplain by the Christian Church, Disciples
of Christ; and practices EFT, TRE, and Yoga. She has provided Spiritual Direction
and Energy Therapies in addressing transition, grief, PTS, TBI, addiction, insomnia,
anxiety, and pain management to numerous individuals and groups in funeral
homes; churches; and in ICU, Palliative Care, and Substance Abuse & Recovery
units of the OKC VAMC. Cecilia holds an MDiv from Vanderbilt, which supported
Buddhist monastic research in Thailand; and an MA in Native American Studies
from UC Davis, where she taught NA Literature (culture, history & spirituality).
She reveres diverse paths to the restorative awareness of universal oneness in the
Light & Love she channels.
Presently, Cecilia provides Spiritual Direction and Energy Therapies at the Radiant
Living Center.

Call or text (405) 513-1334 for appointment.

Schedule Online:  https://ctolley.appointy.com

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