Joious Melodi - Radiant Living OKI am a retired school teacher with a second career as a Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Practioner, Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practioner, and Certified Watsu Therapist.

I taught sixth, seventh, and eighth graders and I was the school counselor for 15 years totalling 29 years in education. I’ve been doing energy bodywork since 2001 using individual session, small groups and education classes about energy, how to clear your own energy blocks, and become more of who you long to be; tapping into you own inner wisdom and guidance.

I feel l like I have already lived a full life, having raised 4 children and enjoying 10 grandchildren, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do now teaching and helping others grow mentally, physically and spiritually; sharing what I’ve learned over the years is just icing on the cake!


Joious Melodi – Heart Centered Bodywork, LLC and Radiant Living
Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Practioner, Watsu Practitioner
Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practioner

Joious Melodi at Mt Scott

Joious Melodi
6051 N Brookline Ave, STE 127
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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