Lisa Otero - Akashic Record Consultant

I have been using the Akashic Records for insight and information since 2003. I discovered the Akashic Records will reveal to you the meaning of a purpose or thing that transpired that you might not understand or hold resentment towards. There are many reasons events transpire and the human mind can only perceive what it knows. The use of the Akashic Records can reveal the “true meaning” of events, from what we call the “spiritual perspective.

The ultimate goal as a human is to understand the true spirit and become all we can possibly be. This might happen on a subconscious level and the conscious mind might not be aware but the spirit knows. The spirit drives an individual towards growth. However, the human mind does not always understand that growth so it holds on to anger, betrayal, hatred, jealousy, etc. The best use of the records is to gain understanding in order to release those feelings or emotions. As a person releases these feelings and emotions they become lighter in spirit. The vibrational growth increases and they find they live more in peace and harmony with themselves and one another.

As you choose to use the Akashic Records you will gain better perspective of your life and those around you. You will strive towards the truth and not falsehoods your life or your mind creates. The Records want to reveal the truth. The truth that lies beyond beliefs, customs, and falsehoods.


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