Melissa Lenington, M.A., CCP, OM is a Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioner, Bach Flower Remedies consultant and Advanced Angelic Healing practitioner. These methods help people resolve past issues and current concerns with their body, mind and spirit. Melissa demonstrates that healing is an important part of personal growth by having overcome many personal obstacles on her journey to becoming a practitioner and teacher. Melissa has a M.A. in Integrated Religious Studies and she is an advocate for helping people bring more Love, Peace and Wisdom into their lives by going within and making positive changes. She teaches people to make decisions based on their heart-mind connection and work with their inner wisdom instead of making decisions from the intellect alone. Melissa encourages people to raise their vibrations by repeating mantras and learning to live from a place of calm and inner peace. She is committed to helping people with her energy therapy practice and sharing the many ways people can help themselves achieve their heart’s desire, feel better and move toward a brighter future.

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