Welcome to Path to Oneness Podcast

We are all on this earthly journey together, we hope that as you listen to these podcasts, you will gain information and knowledge from each presenter as they share their experiences and learn how they have coped with the ups and downs to find joy,  wellness and peace of mind in their life.

Even though all our paths may be a little different, may their sharing help you gain a greater conscious awareness of your soul and your longings and passions that will lead you to your Oneness and a connection to the Oneness of the ALL.

Ruby Augustine – Podcast Host

I am Ruby Augustine, a certified Soul Realignment practitioner, I utilize the Akashic records to help guide clients at soul level. Programs running at soul level complicate our
present 3D existence. Helping individuals simplify their journey and guide them
in removing their blocks, restrictions, and programs.

As a Spiritual Coach, I draw from teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Matt Kahn, Andrrea Hass, to name a few.

I’m also a host and healer member of an international remote healing group.

For further information checkout, www.divinesoulreset.com

Path to Oneness Guests

Joious Melody

Director Radiant Living Center

Gwyn Davis

Wellness Coach - Mind and Body Fitness Connection

BJ King

Namaste Inc.
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