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Radiant Living is a group of holistic practitioners who offer individual sessions, classes and workshops in Oklahoma City using various modalities, coming together to provide opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. Because of my training and experience in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing I have come to truly believe each person has the wisdom and power to heal themselves when given the right environment and skills and opportunity. Barbara Brennan states it best in her book, LIGHT EMERGING – The Journey of Personal Healing, Pg. 12:

It is you and only you who will heal yourself. You are completely capable of that. The process of healing a personal illness is, in fact, an act of personal empowerment. It is a personal journey, a rite of passage, designed by yourself as one of the greatest learning tools you will ever encounter. Your healing journey will, of course, include a consideration and use of the best tools modern medicine can offer you, as well as the best tools holistic healing can offer you.   From a deeper perspective, illness is caused by unfilled longing. The deeper the illness, the deeper the longing. It is a message that somehow, somewhere you have forgotten who you are and what your purpose is. You have forgotten and disconnected from the purpose of your creative energy from your core. Your illness is the symptom: The disease represents your unfulfilled longing. So above all else, use your illness to set yourself free to do what you have always wanted to do, to be who you have always wanted to be, to manifest and express who you already are from your deepest, broadest, and highest reality.   If indeed you have discovered yourself to be ill, prepare yourself for change, expect your deepest longing to surface and to be brought to fruition. Prepare yourself to finally stop running and turn and face the tiger within you, whatever that means to you in a very personal way. I suggest the best place3 to start to find the meaning of your illness is to ask yourself:   “What is it that I have longed for and not yet succeeded in creating in my life?”   I suggest that you will eventually find a direct link between this unfulfilled longing and your illness.   It is within this fundamental picture of health and healing that you can regain your health. I speak here not just of the health of your physical body, because that is actually secondary, but of the health of the spirit, the health of the soul. It is within this framework or metaphor of reality that all life and health issues can be dealt with. For life in the physical is to be lived in love, to develop our higher qualities and to become one with the divine.   No matter what the circumstances of your life right now, that is what life is about. No matter what the pain, the problem, or the disease, it is a teacher. It is a teacher of love and a teacher that reminds you that you are divine. It is the process of your Light Emerging.

With the experience and expertise of the many people whom you may connect with through  this site, we will be bringing you information from time to time about health, healing, wellness, metaphysics, spirituality — and radiant living. Stay tuned – And be sure to sign up for the Radiant Living Newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of the happenings at Radiant Living! Blessings on your Journey, Joious

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